Blanchard Dam

Great Scenic View

The Blanchard Dam is the tallest dam on the Mississippi River at 47 feet and is a hydroelectric station for Minnesota Power. It is one of the only places on earch where Cross Rocks are found. You can get a great view of the dam from the Soo Line Trail bridge. The water action looks impressive in spring high water levels. The Soo Line Trail bridge is located just below the Blanchard Dam.

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Cross Rocks

The Staurolites, better known as "cross rocks" are referred to due to their shape. The mineral name is staurolite. These rock formations are extremely rare and are only found in a few areas of the world. No cross rocks found are ever alike. These cross rocks are twinned staurolite crystals stimulating the Maltese, St. Andrew's and Prismatic crosses. The Staurolites are much sought after as good luck pieces, charms and natural curiosities. These rare stones can be found at Blanchard Dam.